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  • A number of great references have been developed to provide guidance on serious game development. This includes books on game theory, game design, programming and the creation of digital art. In this section, you can review what the authors and publishers have to say about their books and find out where they can be purchased.

Connect with Other Serious Games Initiatives

  • Serious Games Association

    Membership in the Serious Games Association is open to developers, artists, programmers, publishers, project leads, administrators, faculty, human resource personnel, middleware and tool companies, service providers, vendors, researchers, analysts, marketing, advertising and public relations personnel, consultants and students. For more information, click www.seriousgamesassociation.com

  • Serious Play Conference

    At Serious Play Conference, developers, publishers, vendors and faculty from the leading universities offering serious game curricula come together to study market trends, evaluate the effectiveness of serious games and work to move serious game design to the next level. For more information, click on www.seriousplayconference.com

  • International Serious Play Awards

    The International Serious Play Awards, part of our major conference, recognizes outstanding work in serious games development, honoring games and sims offering high quality engagement and measurable results. Separate categories honor exemplary products in the education, corporate, government/military, health care and consumer/games for good markets Any organization or individual that has created or contracted for Continue Reading