Military groups first realized the value of games for training. Today, games and sims teach military personnel field operations, non combat skills and help with recruitment. Sims have also been to teach students and other groups about the operation and influence of governments and the history of wars.

Combat ID
for PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Online/Website
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AEgis Technologies’ Award Winning CombatID™ is a serious game developed to showcase how a mobile-based solution could be used to train US and Allied warfighters in simulated combat environments. AEgis' CombatID™ challenges the player to embark on a series of missions in various battlefield ...

for PC
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Naval War Game Simulation System also including air and land operations

AED Challenge
for Online/Website
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Less than 5% survive of people in the U.S. survive sudden cardiac arrest and, unfortunately, only 30% of victims ever receive CPR from a bystander. The AED Challenge program is an online skills refresher designed to keep cardiopulmonary (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) skills sharp ...

REFINE - Realtime Engineering & Fleet training Interactive Naval Environement
for PC, Android, Online/Website
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REFINE is an interactive, 3D model of a Navy platform which a sailor can navigate in first-person, game-play style to undertake training ranging from ship induction and familiarisation, through to complex operational scenarios. Sailors can also access equipment-specific information ranging from ...

Helimod Helicopter Simulator
for PC, MAC
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The Helimod is an affordable, modular and reconfigurable helicopter simulator for use with VBS2. However, since it is a USB device, it will work across any simulation platform that can recognised a Windows Joystick. The Helimod is designed and manufactured by Ryan Aerospace in Australia. It can be ...