Technology Vendors

This section contains information on software, engine and tool vendors and consultants with products and services for serious games development as well as other helpful material for the studio or publisher looking for resources.

InfiniteT3ch - Linux based software (SaaS)
Product: SaaS based development


InfiniteT3ch provides development for SaaS based concepts, in Linux based environments. It is a software developer, specializing in the development of open source code, and projects through open source.

InfiniteT3ch development begins with idea evaluation, InfiniteT3ch works on delivering you strategies in technical design, provides assessments as well as an overview of how the project can possibly be developed. InfiniteT3ch also works on prototypes as well as stable releases of your software.

Maintenance and technical support is also something InfiniteT3ch provides through all of its applications. InfiniteT3ch ideas are given a long term commitment with a SCRUM like life cycle.

Learn more at InfiniteT3ch

Platform: Linux

Product: Puppies Out


Puppies Out is a free Running games for kids featuring lovely cute pets – named “Buddy Lab” – alongside with some of its adorable puppy friends, including “Amigo“, “Rocky“, “Sir Beagle“, “Posh Pup”, “Super Hero“, “Bandit” and “Valentine“.
They live in a happy, fantasy dog world where running is the key to success! Tough obstacles and challenges await them, but the puppies are ready for it!

Platform: iOS & Android

Tycoon Systems Inc.
Product: Business Simulations


We bring you the most powerful business simulation platform available today. Since 2008, we’ve been perfecting a platform that makes it simpler for our clients to harness the power of business simulations. A unique three layer structure creates the optimal experience while minimizing customization efforts. This structure delivers incredibly powerful, one-of-a-kind custom business simulations with speed and efficiency. We can pull existing elements from each of the three layers – as-is or tweaked to fit – to build a uniquely custom business simulation to meet specific needs. Re-purpose your simulations for multiple audiences – executives, high potentials, customers, and recruits – for a unique experience with little or no customization required.

Platform: Proprietary cloud-based technology

Product: ITyStudio


Developed by the ITycom group, ITyStudio is the first software authoring tool for Serious Games and for 3D simulations.
It allows users to easily create their own multimedia content:

- Behavioral simulations
- Games with interactive cards
- Software and technical training

With a vast and continually expanding content library (backgrounds, characters, etc.) and the possibility of integrating video content, images, quizzes, websites, and components from other software author programs such as Storyline®, the potential applications are unlimited!

ITycom :
ITyStudio :

Platform: ITyStudio

Aten Inc
Product: Serious Games , 3D Simulations, Virtual Walkthroughs, Equipment Simulations


Aten creates 3D Immersive Sinulations , Serious Games , Virtual Walkthroughs, Role Playing Decision making simulations, Equipment Simualtions, Automotive Simulations , Driver Training Simulations etc with embedded Performace based assessment, Formative feedback and tracking , Adaptive Intelligence replicating any real life scenario for all kinds of Training , Marketing , Sales, Strategic Decision Making , etc providing a host of user big data of very accurate measurements of competencies and skills.

Platform: Web, PC, Mac, IOS, Android, Kinect, XBox, Wii, Playstation etc.

FraudLabs Pro
Product: FraudLabs Pro Fraud Screening Web Service


FraudLabs Pro service screens credit card transactions for online frauds. It increases e-commerce merchant profits by reduces chargeback, improves operation efficiency and provides business intelligence. Merchants can investigate all complex, high-risk orders in a simple way by using merchant administrative interface.

Platform: All

GOLD FUSION - America's #1 Cafe Games Provider


We lead the nation in cafe game software setups, cafe game software maintenance and cafe game software development. An in-depth knowledge of technology and the internet sweepstakes industry enables Get Gold Fusion to provide end-to-end sweepstakes cafe solutions and services. Our technicians and staff will be with you every step of the way. From installation to maintenance, we will be there to answer your call. You are receiving the most advanced, most professional server equipment for the cafe game industry out there. Our servers are not only state of the art but easy to manage as well.

Platform: Sweepstakes Software

Product: Digital Vending Platform


We developed the first Digital Vending platform of it’s kind. Your customers download the app directly to their android device with your unique promo code, and you receive a weekly check from the generated revenue. It is that simple. We take care of tech support. We take care of updates, new games, and new features. Customers can make purchases, and redeem directly from their mobile device. This works great in bars, restaurants, hotels, bowling alleys, etc. We have the system in place to get you from A to B with as little barriers as possible. We have the solution to help you become a successful vendor!

Platform: Digital Vending Platform

GameCloud Technologies Private Limited
Product: Video Game QA Testing


Video Game QA Testing
Mobile Game QA Testing
Mobile App QA Testing
iOS Games Testing
iOS App Testing
Android Games Testing
Android App Testing

Platform: PC, iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Windows

GameLayer Oy
Product: SNAP! Platform


SNAP! provides cloud-based game mechanics for apps and digital services.

Platform: All digital platforms

Sonic Farms
Product: Original Music and Audio Services


Located in Austin Texas, Sonic Farms provides competitively priced, high quality original music composition, sound design and audio editing services. For over 15 years Sonic Farms has been producing & providing audio content for numerous multimedia applications, games, film, TV and advertising projects.

Recent Clients: Adobe® Premiere® Elements; Adobe® Photoshop®; Premiere® Elements; Adobe® Audition™; Adobe® Soundbooth™; Air Medic Sky One (Serious Play Awards – Best of Show Winner); Journey to Wild Divine Biofeedback Game series.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Mobile, Console

Tech For Less
Product: Refurbished Computers


Buying refurbished desktop computers and open box desktop computers is a great way to save money on high quality products. All the computers at Tech for Less carry a warranty, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our inventory is constantly changing due to our low prices and limited quantities, so don't delay - buy today …

Platform: Windows

Product: GNOSIS / IT courses


Collaborative Learning Platform /

Platform: SCROM

Discovery Machine, Inc.
Product: Behavior Creation Toolkit


The Behavior Creation Toolkit (BCT) is a suite of products which allows users to connect the powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that Discovery Machine provides to their chosen simulation. Using the toolkit, users are able to develop their own custom content for use in their chosen simulation. With Discovery Machine’s AI technology it is possible to capture expertise, represent that knowledge visually, and produce a functional model which runs in a simulation. This is accomplished using Discovery Machine’s proven methodology which is designed to walk a subject matter expert through their own decision making process and represent it in the BCT.

With the BCT, customers are able to complete integration on their own. Now, custom solutions can be built internally without needing to divulge information about proprietary systems to outsiders. Commercially available simulations not currently supported by Discovery Machine can be interfaced and customized to meet your individual needs. Completed integrations can leverage Discovery Machine’s proven AI technology including the Behavior Creation Console with its mission builder interface, Knowledge Service Engine, and Communication Server.

Platform: Windows, Linux

Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design
Product: Custom sound design, voice casting and production, and orignal music


Clean Cuts is an award-winning audio facility with over 25 years of experience in creating custom sound design, Union/Non-Union voiceover casting, original music composition and audio production for games, network television, film, radio, and the web. In addition to offering creative concepts, Clean Cuts provides full project management to clients all over the world from our 3 facilities in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area. Our reputation for delivering high quality creative while maintaining excellent client service makes us invaluable as a working partner.

Recent games clients include: Microsoft Studios, Big Fish Studios, Sanzaru Games Inc., HitPoint Studios, PlayFirst, SGN, Aeria Games & Entertainment, Plexonic, and pixelStorm Entertainment Inc.

Other recent clients include: Discovery Channel, TLC, National Geographic, PBS, Travel Channel, Weather Channel, and Investigation Discovery, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins University, USDA, TMP Government, Booz/Allen/Hamilton, National Park Service, Fleishman Hillard, and the Pentagon.

The visual side of our company, Cerebral Lounge, specializes in video editorial, live-action/CGI effects, compositing, 2D/3D motion graphic design, animation and visual branding.

Together, Clean Cuts and Cerebral Lounge offer a convenient one stop shop for all your video and audio needs.

Platform: Windows PC, MAC, Mobile, Console, and Browser Based

Idea Fabrik
Product: HeroEngine


HeroEngine streamlines the entire process of building your online game. HeroEngine is an integrated client-server environment and is designed around highly scalable and robust server infrastructure.

Whether you are looking for a toolset to use a prototype, or wanting to create a full scale simulation or training environment, the HeroEngine is a great tool for small and large projects.

Hit the ground running from day one. World builders, scripters, game designers, producers, can all collaborate live, online, and in real time.

Platform: PC

Advanced Simulation Technology inc. (ASTi)
Product: Voisus


ASTi's Voisus features a number of notable innovations that advance the state of the art of voice communications and simulated radios for Live, Virtual, Constructive and Serious Game training environments. As a ready-to-deploy product, Voisus provides scalable and reliable networked voice communication, radio simulation, and exercise management tools for a variety of training and operational needs.

ASTi is the leading supplier of COTS audio simulation solutions for simulated radio and communications, environmental audio and aural cue, digital intercom, and large-area communications networks. Over the past 24 years, ASTi has fielded over 6,900 systems at 620 installation sites in the US and 39 countries abroad. Voisus fuses ASTi's proven track record and our extensive knowledge base with groundbreaking technology to solve your communication problems. ASTi guarantees interoperability with DIS compliant systems including MTCs, AVCATT, CCTT, and full-flight simulators.

Platform: Windows, Linux, Android

Sundog Software LLC
Product: Triton Ocean SDK


The Triton Ocean SDK renders fast, infinite oceans and wakes for any given wind or wave conditions. Using GPGPU and Intel technologies that adapt to the system it’s on, Triton delivers high framerates for serious water visual simulation.

Platform: Windows, Linux, MacOS

Sundog Software LLC
Product: SilverLining Sky, Cloud, and Weather SDK


SilverLining provides real-time, physically based simulations of the sky, 3D volumetric clouds, and weather effects. Specify any time, location, and weather conditions, and SilverLining will render skies and clouds suitable for training purposes.

Platform: Windows, Android, Linux, MacOS

Daden Limited
Product: Chatbots


Daden chatbots provide an easy to use, friendly, engaging and memorable customer experience, at a low cost. And with our easy-to-use Discourse chatbot authoring tool you can reduce costs even further by building and managing your chatbot yourself. Answering questions 24/7 our chatbots have achieved an excellent level of accuracy and in surveys, conducted by our clients, users would choose to talk to a chatbot before using a more expensive alternatives such as live chat.

Platform: Discourse

Daden Limited
Product: Immersive Learning


Daden’s immersive 3D learning solutions provide an alternative. Using OOPAL, our authoring tool for immersive learning, you can create and simulate real life training situations to be experienced by your learners in a 3D environment – safely, cost effectively and without risk. More importantly they can practice as often as they want to (and when they want to) – either alone or as part of a group learning session. We can even record their performance and decision making data for you to see and manage from the web.

Platform: OpenSim, Unity, Second Life

Product: Betable Game Monetization Platform


Betable is the first game monetization platform that lets game developers legally add real-money play to their games. In doing so, Betable is helping games become the first medium that merges the real and virtual worlds.

Platform: Real-Money Game Monetization

Product: Shroud Cloth Physics Simulation


Shroud is a real-time cloth solver designed for modern gaming hardware. Shroud's technology couples unprecedented performance with tools that are powerful yet easy to use, making high-quality soft-body physics practical on even the most constrained devices.

Platform: PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, iOS

OnPoint Digital
Product: OnPoint Learning & Performance Suite


OnPoint Digital’s CellCast Solution offering is an end-to-end mobile learning platform thatenables enterprises organizations to create, deliver, track and manage formal learning experiences and informal learning interactions for their workers, partners and customers using both online and mobile delivery methods.

OnPoint's CellCast Solution recently took top honors at the 2012 Global Mobile Awards competition in the “Best Mobile Innovation for Education or Learning” category at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The judges’ comments on the CellCast Solution included, “An attractive and comprehensive mobile learning solution that harnesses the potential of today’smajor trends of cloud, apps, gamification and social media on all platforms.”

Platform: Any online computer or mobile device.

Product: Simbound Marketing Serious Game


A digital Marketing simulation game that allows practice of e-marketing scenarios across a different internet marketing fields such as Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and E-mail Marketing

Platform: online